Why I Am Part of AASN

Welcome to Arkansas Abortion Support Network's blog! To kick off our official website and blog, our founders and board members will share their reasons and passion for working with AASN. For our inaugural post, we introduce our co-founder, treasurer, and fund administrator, Roz Creed.

I am part of AASN because I am a passionate advocate of reproductive freedom and choice.  I feel if we lose our ability to plan when we will have children and lose access to abortion for unintentional or dangerous pregnancies, we are, in effect, endorsing slavery of mothers. If we become a forced birth nation we relegate pregnant people to second class citizenship.  They become people who are not considered capable of making their own life decisions.  Forcing someone to do something that is absolutely against their will is an unconscionable and reprehensible way to govern.
I feel we must do everything in our power to support Arkansans seeking abortion.  As a member of AASN I do this by escorting at Little Rock Family Planning Services, by administering our fund that provides financial support for procedures, travel, lodging and childcare, and reaching out to Arkansas communities to educate on the facts of abortion.  I am very proud of my roles as Co-founder, Director, Treasurer and Fund Administrator.